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RexterTech is providing organic results through SEO techniques in Rajkot. We all know that SEO must be compulsory if you need healthy traffic or leads. We provide SEO services that rank higher and make your business a brand in your industry. Let’s rank your website in search engines and rank higher with the best SEO company in Rajkot. We optimize your website so users and crawlers can access it, and you will get the best SEO result .

Highlights of Our SEO Service

User Experience:

User experience is one of the most important factors in SEO. We personally edit your website and make it very easy to use, which will give visitors a memorable experience.

Meta Tag Optimization

Meta tags tell search engines about pages and show in search engine result pages. We make them optimize and provide helpful content.

SEO Audits

SEO audits tell us about overall issues and problems. We understand the problems and work on them to improve.

Keyword Re-search :

We find a list of keywords related to your business or website with their volume and keyword difficulty and give you a choice of keywords.

XML Sitemap :

XML sitemap is the page of all URLs on your website that gives search engines information about your website. We create an optimized XML sitemap.

Image SEO Optimization:

We optimize your website images using proper alt tags and lazy loading.

Quality SEO Content:

We provide Quality SEO content that gives a better user experience and improves your CTR, ranking higher than your competitor.

Google Search Console & Analytics Set Up:

We provide a complete setup of Google Console and Google Analytics for monitoring your site.

Best SEO Ranking Strategy:

We provide a complete SEO strategy tailored to your business or site for better ranking.

We are providing local SEO in Rajkot:

Local SEO is necessary nowadays. We are providing local SEO in Rajkot. Our primary focus is to increase your visibility and make you a brand in your industry. Our local SEO includes optimizing the Google My Business page, and we are focused on providing relevant information to your industries on your site with the best SEO company in Rajkot.

Why should you pick us as your SEO provider in Rajkot?

  • We have a young and creative team for SEO.
  • We build organic or high DA backlinks without using any link-building software.
  • We provide any type of client communication.
  • We have focused on new SEO techniques so you can quickly get results.
  • RexterTech is the top it company in Rajkot.

Types of Our SEO Packages

You will have two option of SEO packages

Standard SEO Package

In this package you will get basic SEO services which may be useful in initial stage of your business. In the initial startup business, mostly local seo is more important. In this case you can choose this package as per your budget. However cost may different as per business type and location.

Customized SEO Package

In this package you can customized location, target specific audience and many things. You should go with this package if you are serious about SEO and want to target external location and more keywords. Here cost will be higher than standard SEO packages but you will get more benefit here. This package is generally used with our branding services to get better results.